Which Company Offers the Best Services: Augusta Precious Metals or Oxford Gold Group?

Investment in precious metals has long been seen as an effective means of protecting wealth against economic instability and inflation, but recently there have been an influx of companies designed to make investing easier, including Augusta Precious Metals and Oxford Gold Group - two such firms featured prominently. Here we offer an impartial comparison between them for your own valuable metal investments decision.

Background Information

Augusta Precious Metals was established in 2012 as a family-run precious metals dealership that quickly made an impression in its industry. Offering gold and silver IRAs as investments to diversify retirement portfolios with ease.

Oxford Gold Group boasts more than two decades of experience in the precious metals industry. Like Augusta, Oxford Gold specializes in gold and silver but also offers platinum and palladium trade. The services provided include precious metal IRAs as well as direct purchases.

Product Offering:

Augusta Precious Metals: The Augusta catalog features gold and silver coins and bars eligible to be included in IRAs as a hedge against economic uncertainty, making their selection specifically targeted towards meeting those looking to diversify their financial portfolios with precious metals IRAs.

Oxford Gold Group: With their comprehensive product offering that not only includes gold and silver but also platinum and palladium, Oxford provides investors with more choices to diversify.

Educational Resources

Augusta Precious Metals offers extensive educational resources for their clients, including webinars, articles, and a dedicated customer support team. Their focus lies on explaining the advantages of precious metal investments when applied toward retirement planning and protecting retirement income streams.

Oxford Gold Group: Whilst Oxford offers an abundance of educational materials, they specialize in offering more personalized guidance by conducting one-on-one consultations and informing their clients of all available options.

Augusta Precious Metals has earned wide praise for their exceptional customer service, assigning each client their own dedicated Customer Success Agent to guarantee a personalized and hassle-free investment experience.

Oxford Gold Group:

Like Augusta, Oxford is widely recognized for their customer service with a particular emphasis on individualization. They take an expert, hands-on approach in helping clients navigate the precious metals market successfully.

Fees and Pricing

Augusta Precious Metals: Augusta Precious Metals is upfront about its fee structure; costs are competitive with industry norms while they also run special offers that could further lower fees for new customers.

Oxford Gold Group: For similar fee structures and promotions and discounts for large investments. They may even go the extra step by providing generous promotions and discounts!

Reputation and Credibility

Both companies have earned themselves a place as reliable players in the precious metals industry. Augusta Precious Metals holds an A+ rating from Better Business Bureau and customer reviews consistently praise both educational resources and customer service offered.

Oxford Gold Group enjoys an excellent reputation among customers who frequently comment on its personalized services and broad selection of products.


Both Augusta Precious Metals and Oxford Gold Group offer solid opportunities in precious metal investments, but depending on individual investor goals and preferences may prove more appealing than one or the other. Augusta may offer more educational resources with regards to gold/silver IRAs while Oxford could be better tailored towards providing more diverse product selection and personalized services. Ultimately, any decision between these options must take these into consideration when making their selection. Click here to get more information on both options.